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Lovin' Arms

The First Call: 

When Jessica first called me to schedule her daughter's 1-year Milestone Session she knew she wanted to get portraits documenting her beautiful little girl.  What happens with a lot of toddlers at this age: she loved being in Mama's arms!  This is completely normal and to be expected.    

Which is why I love taking the time to let children get comfortable with me and my studio before the session.  I'm never in a rush to get families in and out.  Mom and Dad will talk with me about last minute decisions, grab some fizzy water or a snack, and I'll sit on the floor and introduce your little one to my rubber duckies or whatever new toys I've found for the studio.  

Making the portrait process fun and relaxing for everyone is my goal, and part of that is taking the time to get everyone comfortable with me and my space.  

Scroll down to see how her 1st birthday session turned out!  Plus, a cute fairy edit.

pictures I will cherish...

During your session I love capturing so many of your baby's expressions!

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