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Portraits with Helen

What To Wear?? 

Before Helen came in for her portraits she was concerned about what to wear and how it would all come together.  When clients express concerns about their photo session—whether it's about choosing the right outfit, hair and makeup, or general nervousness—I understand completely. It's a vulnerable place to be.  I've seen many clients worry about these details, fearing they might not enjoy the experience or love their final photos.

However, I ensure to address these concerns head-on. This is why I love talking on the phone with each of my clients to go through my portrait process, answer all of their questions, and create a plan for a successful portrait session.  I help clients feel prepared and confident. I offer guidance on what to wear, I'll do a zoom wardrobe consultation, arrange hair and makeup to highlight their best features, and direct them poses to capture their true essence.

The transformation from pre-session anxiety to post-session smiles is always remarkable. Clients are often amazed by how comfortable they feel during the shoot and how the final images not only meet but exceed their expectations, showcasing their confidence and beauty.  When women (and some husbands and partners) see the images for the first time, I need to pass the tissues.

To those feeling apprehensive, remember: I'm here to guide you through every step, ensuring your photo session is a joyful and rewarding experience. Trust in my expertise, and let's create something beautiful together—you're absolutely worth it!

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which most people worry about...

Through your session we'll do 3 to 4 wardrobe changes so you have a great variety of images.

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