Special Day with Grace

The First Call: 

Grace faced a dilemma that many find all too familiar—uncertainty about what to wear for her upcoming portrait session. As we delved into her concerns, it became clear that she sought something that would not only stand out but also deeply resonate with her personal story. Drawing inspiration from a family who embraced their heritage through traditional clothing, I introduced the idea of incorporating her own cultural background into her wardrobe selection. The suggestion immediately sparked excitement in Grace. She envisioned herself donning traditional Chinese garments, infusing her appearance with the rich tapestry of her ancestry. This conversation didn't just solve her wardrobe predicament; it also opened a door to a broader expression of her identity. Grace decided to further personalize the event by including her Lyre Harp, a nod to her musical talents, and some professional medical props - reflecting her career achievements and passions. Through our collaborative dialogue, we transformed her initial problem into a unique opportunity to showcase her multifaceted personality and heritage.

This is why I love talking on the phone with each of my clients before we dive in.  We talk through the whole portrait process, answer questions, and create a plan for a successful portrait session. And when the day comes? It's all about having a blast — great tunes, snacks, lots of laughs, and stories. Don't worry about the poses; I've got you covered, guiding you every step of the way to make sure we capture your best self.

  Scroll down to see how her session turned out!

The power of collaboration and planning...

During your session I love creating a variety of shots to show off all your beautiful expressions.

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